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What are Brain Boards and how do I build them?

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    Chad Carver

    I am confused how to lay the blocks out. I will create a brain and it shoots a laser strait up. I rearrange the blocks, and then it shoots the laser strait down. I rearrange again and it shoots fireballs. Are there guidelines regarding how to layout the blocks? I have only seen a key describing the colors.

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    Michael Danielson

    Layout is irrelevant; the only thing that matters is the exact number of each color of (nonwhite) blocks on your Brain Board. 

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    Laurie Ann Lawrence

    HELP! We have scanned our boards....but half the time the green start arrow is not appearing after it captures. Any help is appreciated. we have six kits we can't use consistently because of this issue. Sometimes it works, sometimes-most times NOT.

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