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Tips for Capturing Your Gameboard

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    Joe Weir

    I got this for my very intelligent son for Christmas. So far he has tried to use this about 9 times, but has never gotten 1 screen successfully captured. He has tried everything. I think he persists because he feels he has been challenged, but I have given up. I don't think this is ever going to work and I wish I had not spent all the money I did on this thing. I bought the whole main set, and just to compound my error I ordered a set of extra bloxels. Who knew that it would turn into March of the following year and we still would have nothing to show for it.

    Very unhappy with this.

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    Jayson A Steelman

    I just wasted 30 minutes trying to capture the board to unlock the rest of the app. I tried multiple angles, multiple lights and lighting angles. I fail to see how a child would be able to operate this stupid board. We tried the character creater as well with the same terrible results.

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    ERICK Larson

    Awful. Spent 45 minutes on this trying to get it to work. 4 different light bulbs, angles, intensity. Still can't get it to work. It can't tell red from purple. What a waste of money!

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    Zachary Hyatt


    is Here


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