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How do I Activate my child's account?

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    Mike Inich

    Count me as another that is having issues setting up an account.  You either get no confirmation email or bombarded with dozens, anywhere from 1-10hrs later...  A place on the website to setup accounts would fix a lot of issues!

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    Elizabeth Storey

    We got a confirmation and somehow got signed in once, but now it doesn't accept our user name or password. Very frustrating :(

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    Angela long

    We are having the same problem as everyone else. Thinking of returning the gift. So frustrating. Has anyone resolved this issue yet?

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    Mike Inich

    Sent an email to their support email, they were quick to respond and fast to fix the issue!

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    Jared Robinson

    Mine finally got working the other day without emailing support. 

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    Doug Schwartz

    System not advancing past the verification.  My son has gone from stoked to bummed because he can't save his creations.  You guys should already have had this fixed.  I tried from several different devices and none have worked.

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    Benjamin Ryan (Edited )

    Hung up on step 5 and in limbo.  I can't find the player profile section.  It says guest at the top and I only have options to register new or login.  I've accepted the invite on my email, but can't continue registration in app.  The user name is now shown as taken, and when I do a recover password it tells me the email isn't in the database.

    I saw the replies here and felt a followup was due.  The process wasn't quick, it took the helpdesk guys a couple days to get back to me.  After some back and forth (and some really long delays on my part), they were able to get me setup.  Props to the support guys.  Thanks!

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    Fiona scoville

    Very disappointed!!! I can apparently get verified to be on your customer service but my son cannot get verified to use your website. What can possibly be the delay? We now have a very disappointed 9 year old on his birthday. What can we do to get a verification code?

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    Brian Kitchens

    Same issue here.  Multiple email addresses, checked junk email but no verification email was ever sent.  Disappointing that Bloxel has not addressed this here.  I emailed their customer service.

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